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Jan 8, 2013 9:00pm PST
of israel return to their home. how christians are helping to fulfill biblical prophecy. ♪ >> george: a new russian law bans americans from adopting russian children. hello, everyone, i'm george thomas. my colleague, wendy griffith is on holiday. russian president va vladimir putin signed a law preventing thousands of russian orphans to go to americans. john waggi plains. >> reporter: michelle mobley has quite a collection of toys and clothes. they were gathering them for a little one who would soon join them. >> we always wanted to adopt. we decided this is the time. >> reporter: the christian nebraska couple has a blog site telling of their wait for 6-year-old artem, who spent his whole life in a russian orphanage. his mother gave him up when she learned he had down syndrome. but it was love at first site for the mobleys. >> the minute he walked in, we knew he belonged to the family. you go along in your life, and you know someone is missing in your family. when we met him, we knew that piece was fulfilled. >> when you hear about a story and you start connecting and
Jan 29, 2013 9:00pm PST
establish and set forth the legal, historical, and spiritual basis for israel's claim to the land that they live on. they are the front line for us. they are the ones who are receiving the blunt of the terrorist attacks, not us. >> reporter: but the main emphasis of this inauguration day, the president and prayer for him. >> prayer can change things, it always does. >> reporter: paul strand, cbn news, washington. > >> wendy: it always does. you can get daily reports from christian world news by going to cbn's facebook page and click "like." stay with us, we'll be right back. star spang >> wendy: one out of the three south koreans identifies himself as a christian, and six of the largest churches in the world are in that nation. and more than 20,00,000 koreans are at work. it actually began over a century ago with western missionaries. >> port of buson is a major asset to south korea's dynamic economy. but he had another reputation, at the wilderness of the gospel. daifdavies was an accomplished educator, and founder of the school in melbourne, australia, when he felt called to take the
Jan 15, 2013 9:00pm PST
struggle with israel in a different life. >> reporter: he blames the lack of attention on an anti-christian sentiment in the american media and throughout the world. >> this is something they don't want to talk about because then they will be perceived as pro-christian. but it is a human rights issue. >> this is an issue that is a major human rights issue in the world. that is not getting the attention that it deserves in the west. >> reporter: alan schneider of the a well-known jewish organization recently brought experts, like eas inrahim, and ty morasi to talk about the christians in the middle east. tye says they were more open. >> they said we want to volunteer for your organization. >> reporter: the group's conclusion: americans and europeans should take time to find out what is happening to christians in the middle east and see what they can do to help. chris mitchell, cbn news, jerusalem. >> wendy: so where are all of these christian refugees going? some are landing in europe, and they're bringing revival. dale herd records from berlin. >> reporter: parts of germany are am
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3